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Shenzhen Security Homecare Group Corp.,Limited.Introduction

Shenzhen Security Homecare Group Corp.,Limited is an omnibus company with research and production internet of things cloud health which focusing on home telemedicine system、networking alarm system、cloud smart home、agedness beeper、all kinds of burglar alarm equipment、monitoring camera、agedness forgetfulness reminder、GPS location and prison single  alarm joint defence, etc. The registered capital of it is 1 million yuan, and place of registration of mainland is located in 7 floor,2 ridgepole, Guangming New District, Shenzhen.

The registered capital of parent company of SHG is thirty million HKD, it has 23 patents, with network calculation module from German core technology and it is a private enterprises with completely independent innovation high-tech intellectual property rights, cloud platform, server, software platform function modules are all made itself, has several leader as a powerful technical support, it is main OEM suppliers of Navigation Westinghouse Jones, products exported to Europe and other countries.

SHG is as a logistics warehousing service center of mainland China and the asia-pacific region. Company shareholder meeting in Hong Kong in 2012 to conduct a comprehensive increase endowment spread, and absorb the Sinai's Swedish consortium hill family investment, make its shares rise for the third largest shareholder of the company, at the same time introduced the family medical subsidiary core module industry group, established leading technology for the first echelon medical testing industry core module in the world.

We have advanced production and testing equipment, company has a perfect production system and its enterprises have passed the CE ISO9004 hl-tech corporation series of SA8000 ROHS certification and FCC has 13 companies including holding enterprise, equity joint ventures and strategic partners. The company always pays attention to independent research and development and technological innovation, access to many invention patent for utility model patents and software copyright. Company is China's 3 g remote video key industrialization support units, are China mobile, China telecom, China Unicom main SP business partners Company united America SSG Norway SR - NNE, city university of Hong Kong and other famous universities at home and abroad and the hospital, established the several production bases and joint health laboratory. Company does business throughout the world.

SHG series self-help medical terminal 13 series, 27 series SHG family medical testing equipment: Age old telephone, mobile GPS call system, pager, elderly forgetful reminders, children's mobile phones and children RFID + GPS + GSM, GPRS intelligent positioning pager, networking alarm, anti-theft alarm, 3 g w-CDMA video remote medical system, medical network remote video, GPS systems, waterproof watch GPS + GSM, GPRS, GPS + GSM Watch-type+ GPRS positioning an emergency call, prison police defense, and electrocardiograph glucose meter digital thermometer, ear temperature gun) blood pressure instrument of blood oxygen saturation meter, etc also product various types of fire smoke sensor and emergency calling alarms and other super intelligent housekeeper for old people who live alone and provides full safeguard; Super family electronic coach, tailored for business owners, office white-collar class and the rich to give  scientific fitness plan and intelligent humanized supervise the implementation

The development ideas of the home telemedicine project of our firm is: relying on Chinese market which is the biggest global market to popularize all of the service network of long range domestic health care instruments of the county level in Chinese Mainland and build up a telemedicine system which can cover all of users who use this terminal, and offering professional medical treatment consult service. We also adopt membership system, set up a bridge which can make our memberships see a doctor in a high medical level’s country and build up a huge family practice membership system, known as a home medical system service provider all over the world at last. Furthermore, we also hope make each family has a intelligent electron housekeeper, make everybody enjoys high technology fitness and science exercise, and make exercise and fitness become health mainstream. At last, we hope make the rate of go to hospital sharply reduce come true.

The development idea of the networking alarm system project of our firm is: adopt the advanced technology of the world, rely on ourselves’ accumulate, independent research and development, and make networking alarm system of SHG become the most high-quality’s networking alarm system、most excellent subdivide of products and the deepest industry tolerance’s large omnibus platform. Nowadays, the platform has achieved unlimited cloud deploy dilatation、compatibility almost 79’s security and protection enterprise’s DVR、NVR、DVS、IPCAMERA like Hiklife、UOB、SAMSUNG、SONY, etc. it also compatibility the industry-leading functions like international CID agreements、server load balancing、full digitalization of voice card and a bit of range of alarm radius N kilometers camera will make all videos get on wall and popup, which take a steady technological base for large-scale safety city.

The operation principle of our firm: People first, Win by Innovation, Responsibility is sky, Integrity is the most important.

Production quality

All of products’ core module adopt German and British technology, German platform electrophysiology parameter comparison database SQL,host and family practice instruments use ZIGBEE wireless connection, physiological parameter communication make heartbeat handshake affirm come true. This is the most advanced physiology measuring parameter comparison transmission technique in the world, which is lead in BLUTOOTH transmission technique generation, make completely eradicate data flow switched come true. The result of the test is full and accuracy because of the data chain. The host can communicate with platform by GPRS and makes SMS and Micro message chain communicate. The products have passed the CE、TUV ISO13485 and TUV ISO13485 CMDCAS authentication. Adopt the most advanced method called technology modulus comparison to test PR and PI. Blood pressure and glucometer use London Manette original movement, German medical arithmetic module, ECG has the function which can choose lead automatically、adjust base line location and gain control automatically、record many ECG leads automatically, pre-amplification circuit board、auto-key control circuit board and main amplification circuit board. It has tens of advanced technology. For example, getting rid of traditional ECG filters technique and adopts the latest German L-NEIX technology. In the aspect of filtering 35Hz Muscle level disturb, adopts the technology which can filtering more than 35Hz high frequency signal together(also use 50Hz band trap as a exchange interference filter in order to filtering 50Hz exchange disturb signal), it makes week physiological signal spectrum can be recognized and shown perfectly. The heart sign spectrum can show the truth heart health status of the conner. In 1988, Sir James W. Black, who is awarded by Nobel Prize in medicine, had creatively foreseen that if this technology matures, it would have an epoch-making affection of mankind. As a matter of fact, in this domain, with the development of technical progress, it has exceeded his imagine for a long time.

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